What Is Floyd’s Room?

Floyd’s Room is a private members lounge with an emphasis on card games and poker. We enjoy a relaxed, friendly environment. We encourage players of all skill levels to come and join us as there is something for everyone at Floyd’s Room. We run satellite tournaments, tournament leagues and stand alone games for players of all levels.

All members are vetted, must be sponsored by a current member and must be approved to ensure a comfortable safe environment. If you do not already know a member who can vouch for you, contact us and we will meet with you and see if we can introduce you to member who can sponsor you.

We run various events and games each week. Members can simply show up, but it is better for everyone if you RSVP in advance so we know how many people to prepare for in advance. You can register on our Meet Up pages. People who RSVP are always given preference for any event that has limited attendance.

Come and join us!